Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How To Block .GIF Animations on Google Plus

Google+ is great, and I like it.

But, one thing I really hate about Google Plus is the embeded .gif animation pictures that appear on my Stream. Why?

For you who have not-so-fast internet connection speed like mine, I think you already know the reason. Yes, it really is a pain loading the Stream page, waiting to finish downloading .gif animations. Sometimes it never finish.

Fortunately, now I know how to block .gif animation pictures to appear on Google+ Stream effectively.

I use an add-on / extension called AdBlock Plus to do just that. I think most of us have already know about this awesome add-on. It's the most popular extension for Mozilla Firefox browser. You can download and install from here: It's also available for Google Chrome browser, but I think the add-on is less effective on Chrome since it only hides the blocked content from appearing, not really block it from downloading. So I suggest you to use Firefox.

How to Use AdBlock Plus to Block .GIF Animations on Google Plus

If you have the AdBlock Plus add-on installed, right-click on a .gif animation on a Google+ page, then insert this string as a custom filter:*.gif

then click the Add Filter button. Done!

If you want to be able to view the .gif animations again, just disable the AdBlock Plus add-on.


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